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Eco-Wise™ Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

Identifying Carpenter Ant Problems

Carpenter ant problems get their name because they excavate wood in order to build their nests. Their excavation results in smooth tunnels inside the wood. Carpenter ants range in size from one-quarter inch for a worker ant to up to three-quarters inch for a queen.

Carpenter Ant Habits

All carpenter ant infestations attack wood that is or has been wet and damaged by mold. Even though these carpenter ant problems first invade wet, decayed wood, they may soon begin building paths through dry, undamaged wood. Carpenter ant infestations enter buildings through cracks around doors, windows, or through holes for wires.

They will also crawl along overhead wires, shrubs, or tree limbs that touch the building far above the ground.

Identifying a Carpenter Ant Infestations

Carpenter ants build their nests outdoors in various wood sources, including tree stumps, firewood or landscaping. They need a constant water source to survive. Carpenter ant infestations will enter homes through wet, damaged wood.

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ant infestations have the potential to cause significant structural damage to your home if not treated properly. Carpenter ants damage wood through their nest building. If carpenter ant problems gain entry to a structure, they attack the wood and pose a property threat.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Your Home

Getting rid of carpenter ants can be tricky since ants can find their way into your home or business in a variety of ways. Our green carpenter ant control experts will assess the carpenter ant problem and any carpenter ant damage prior to using environmentally friendly pest control methods. They will then work with you to establish an effective and long-lasting carpenter ant control plan, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to these potential unwelcome ant problems. And because Eco-Wise™ Pest Control’s methods for carpenter ant control are environmentally friendly and organic, there is no concern for your family and pets.

Eco-Wise™ has the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all of you carpenter ant problems and will show you how to get rid of carpenter ants for good! Call today: 1-877-ECO-WISE

Eco-Wise™ Services
Eco-Wise™ Services